Friday, May 10, 2013

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Luminary Edition

A  Period Fine Binding for discerning collectors.

Nephilim Press and MC are proud to announce the opening of preorders for the much anticipated "Luminary Edition" of Mike's latest work, The Book of Abrasax.  The Luminary edition, a masterpiece produced by one of the occult publishing community's most talented and sought after binders, using the finest of materials selected by the God Abrasax during a ceremonial evocation by MC's magickal fraternity. Each copy will be hand numbered, and signed by way of a tipped in bookplate bearing the image of the God. Buyers may, at their discretion, ask that the bookplate be inscribed specifically to themselves for a greater degree of personalization.

Accompanying each copy of the Luminary Edition will be a professionally designed and crafted Abrasax Talisman of the highest quality, which will not be available for sale elsewhere, but only as a companion to this book. Talismans will be consecrated by the author prior to shipment.

Fine Binding

The Luminary Edition will be quarter bound in goatskin and papyrus by James Banner of Trident books. James has produced a number of titles in this style and they are truly beautiful.
To Secure A Copy
The price of the Luminary Edition is $350 plus shipping. If you would like to secure a copy of the Luminary Edition please send an email with your mailing address to We will then send you payment instructions and a grand total for your order.
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