Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Thank You For All Of Your Help, And Show Of Appreciation

Thanks to the goodhearted readership of this blog, I was able to donate a significant amount to my local shelter, following my recent fundraiser and sale. I wanted to share with you a nice email I received from the director, and also show my own thanks in another way afterwards. 

First, an email I received on Tuesday 6/19

Hello Mr. C.....,

We were delighted to receive your very generous donation through PayPal over the past week, and wanted to thank you on behalf of the staff, the shelter, and most of all the animals you've helped. We would be happy to earmark these funds for use in helping our increasing pitbull population, and as you have requested especially those who are rescues or considered unadoptable. As you know, we are a no kill shelter, and for some of these loving dogs our facility will unfortunately be where they live out their lives, and we also thank you for enrolling in our foster care program for them. All too often people deem the older or disabled dogs as undesirable, but we think they have even more love to give! Thank you again for your donation and kindness.

On To The Fun! 
On to the aforementioned show of appreciation. For the outpouring of support you all sent me when I undertook this fundraiser, I'd like to show my appreciation. Unfortunately, I can't  thank everyone, so Im going to give everyone an equal shot at the prize.

You've all, no doubt, noticed the magnificently awesome Talismans I offer on, and which are displayed up yonder on the right, correct?

Well I have just chosen a number between 1 and 66, completely at random, and given it to Mr. Jason Miller and our very own Rufus Opus so there can be no appearance of impropriety.

You, gentle readers, may begin leaving guesses as to what that number might be in the comments section, and the first 3 to hit it on the nose, may choose any planetary talisman they wish - FREE. Talisman free, consecrated free, and shipped FREE.

By Sunday, 6/30, if no one has hit the exact number, the closest 3 guess win. The number you're guessing at is known to me, Jason and RO, and will be announced as soon as all 3 have been won, or on Sunday when the closest 3 guesses are determined.

And Another Deal!

What you are collectively looking at, and marveling, I am sure, is a brand new, flawless, and signed copy of Crossed Keys. You know, my long since sold out Scarlet Imprint "Esoteric Book of The Year" which is currently selling on ebay for upwards of $500? 

Oh yeah, and that thing hanging on the right side is a perfectly designed, by the book, and consecrated Magus Pentacle, specifically for use with this Grimoire. Pretty cool heh? 

So here's the deal - and once again, this is being sold for and profits go to the aforementioned animal shelter. Best offer takes it, period. As they'd say on eBay, there is "No reserve". Submit your offers via the contact me link, and 24 hours, the best offer gets it. If not many of you get a chance to see this post by then and the highest offer I receive is $50, guess what? Thats the price. (plus shipping if you're outside the US. the post office are friggin rapists these days)

So thats the gist of it. Leave your comments, one per person, and let the games begin.  

Update - 10 comments, no hits as yet! Although one of you i just 2 digits off!


  1. Okay, my number guess is 37.

    My bid is $50.

    Thanks for fostering. The old ones have a special place in my heart.

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