Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coming Thursday... The Wisdom Of Abrasax, A Furtherance of The Magickal System

For those of my readers who have been enjoying and benefiting from the Magickal System established and espoused in The Book of Abrasax, Thursday of this week may prove to be a very pleasant day. 

On Thursday I will be releasing the eBook shown above, entitled The Further Wisdom of Abrasax. When the Book of Abrasax was released, there were several rites, invocations, evocations, and more, which were not yet ready for mass and public consumption for various reasons. (In some cases, translation was not complete, in others the rites were still a bit volatile and under development and therefore not yet ready for mainstream use, and still others I was forbidden to reproduce at the time). Within the pages of this eBook you will find many of them. Invocations and Evocations proper - Veritable summonings of the Gods, and more. Further revelations of the Magickal System of Abrasax that will add power, breadth, and an entirely new field of practice.

Crowning this work, whoever, will be something wholly and entirely unique - something never before seen or alluded to, and yet at once effective and powerful, and which will likely have a great many mages who practice from the PGM wondering "Now why the hell didn't I think of that?". And I promise you, it is quite awesome.

So, yeah. Thursday. Sometime between now and then I'll throw up a paypal button, to go active then, and as with my Mardukkite Magick eBook, delivery will be almost instant.

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