Thursday, June 27, 2013

Website Updated, Sections Added, Forthcoming Reviews and Books

Let's just call this a catch-all post, bring you all up to speed on many different things all under the umbrella of one blog post, written on stolen time.

  • First and foremost, my primary website, (yes, I actually DO have one besides this blog, believe it or not), has been updated for this first time in months. In order to simplify the process of ordering Talismans, Rings, and other items, I've created paypal buttons with drop down menus for material selection, shipping speed, and any other options. And while I'm not done uploading all of my new offerings, let me tell you folks, I have some seriously powerful items available now, all of my own design. Check it out here Materia Magicka
  • Created and began stocking my rare and antiquarian book for sale section here, although the first title I've listed is probably the most controversial I own, and I'll certainly get hate mail for offering it due to all the legal, "stop revealing our secrets", and "your're just a dick" issues surrounding it. Expect more books to be listed this weekend. 
  • Created a Services section, including the readings from The Book of Doors Oracle and divination
Later on this evening, or else tomorrow morning, depending on my energy level after this evenings workings, I will be posting a review and field test on work I'm doing with Jason's new Planetary Magick offering. While I'll go into further detail after I get to actually WORK some of the system, I can say now that I fucking love his inclusion on the MP3's, which is something long overdue and will help everyone working this type of magick, my system of Abrasax or any PGM derived work with pronunciation. 

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