Monday, July 1, 2013

Previously Mentioned eBook Available NOW

So, despite my fervent belief of just last evening that this eBook could not possibly be released on any day but a Thursday, that being of course the day of Jupiter, I had an afterthought and decided that since one of the key workings herein is Coptic Egyptian Invocation of my Queen and Patroness ISIS, I would release it today instead, since she is, after all, "Isis, Great in Magick, Mighty Mistress of the Moon"

So down to the nitty gritty. This eBook is a supplement to the Book of Abrasax, as mentioned in my post yesterday, and contains four full invocations that were not yet ready for release at the time we went to print. The fact that the book had a distinct shortage of Invocations/ Evocations did not go unnoticed, especially as I am perhaps the biggest proponent of these two practices, and there was a reason for their omission, and that is the first rule of leadership, "Thou shalt do nothing that I will not do first, and I will not ask you to walk the untread ground, but rather to follow the bath I will blaze FOR you". 

In addition to these four full workings, the gem of this work - an entirely new yet completely ancient system of divination, presented for the first time ever as a comprehensive, lucid, logical and most of all EFFECTIVE whole. Included are historical citations and commentary on systems of divination *akin* to this one, but not identical to it, as well as two examples of its use by my own group. 

While undoubtedly the invocations will appeal most to many, it is the oracle wherein I find the most value, and for those who practice and learn it, I am sure you will as well. 

The cost of this eBook is $13 and it will be delivered almost instantly. Well, except at night. Dude, even a Magus has to sleep at some point! Bottom line - most will receive their copy immediately, since I can send it via my smartphone, but if you order at night, you'll still get it within 8 hours. 


  1. Does the ebook contain any evocations or just invocations and the dice divination system?

  2. Hey man, any chance this e-book is still available?