Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wishing One And All A Happy Holiday

I have been absent from the blog scene for a while now, having been overtaken by events such preparing new projects for publication, working heavily with Nephilim Press on several titles, (some my own, some from up and coming authors and practitioners, some translated from manuscripts penned by a long dead hand), trying relentlessly to track down orders gone awry in the postal system, working with a Magickal Brotherhood to which I alluded in my last posts, hopping on plane after plane and flying hither and thither, snooping and pooping all about. 

Despite this new and ever more challenging schedule, in the new year I plan to bring life back to this blog, dusting off the cobwebs I've negligently allowed it to accumulate and discussing topics new and old, including some new tech I'm being taught at the hands of one of the seniors in the brotherhood. 

But I didn't want to let this day and the next pass without extending my warmest wishes for a happy holiday to one and all. All of the success I've enjoyed with Crossed Keys and The Book of Abrasax* I owe to you, the community that has accepted me, and which I am extremely grateful to be a part of, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank one and all. 

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, and even if you shun it as do many among us, one cannot deny that it is indeed a Magickal day - if only because of the collective love and goodwill perpetuated the world around and amongst innumerable people who happily resume their prickishness on the 26th.

So to one and all*, if there are still any who read this blog given the length of time since my last post, I wish you and yours all the best and sincerely hope you have a memorable holiday!

*One exclusion to "To one and all" - To the "Magician" selling demons online (Yes, really) who thought it was a good idea to "Curse" ME and brag about it whilst trying to peddle his wares, To you, I do not wish a happy holiday. While your "curse", was about effective as a mosquito's bite, I'm still going to make an example of you. Why? Because you had the balls to speak my name. Oh, and more importantly, because I fucking CAN. Do you see me coming?

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  1. HAHAHAHA NICE M.C. I am not sure but I think I may know the dick you are talking about! Break him!