Thursday, May 30, 2013

Walking With The Angel - The Journey Begins!

Two quick updates of note - First, the aforementioned discounts on materia magica I began offering for a limited time in hopes of generating a significant donation to the local animal rescue and shelter has been extended, so if you missed out during the initial 48 hours, you're in luck. All items and services will remain discounted until  have raised enough funds to donate $1000. (Due to the generosity of those few who have already ordered, I have already handed them $350, so all that remains is $650)

Second - The previously announced "Walking With The Angel" Anthology is now entering production. Having read each of the contributions studiously (and multiple times), I can promise the reader that this is going to be something incredibly special. Not only is this the very first time our good Frater Rufus Opus will appear in print, but he will be appearing alongside an illustrious cast of merry magickal marauders hand picked for their expertise and ability to present even the most complex of subjects in a user friendly way that will be of great benefit to seasoned practitioner and novice alike. Walking With The Angel will consist of:

  • A Solar Spark of Light And Fire - Darren Scriven
  • Nine Pieces of Heart Advice For Those Seeking The HGA - Jason Miller
  • The Descended Angel - Scott Michael Stenwick
  • Never Again Alone - Rufus Opus
  • After Abramelin: Working With Your Holy Guardian Angel - Aaron Leitch
  • Passing Through The Void: Journey To Unite With Your HGA - Frater Ashen F.N.F. 
  • The Voice of Light: The HGA In The Ogdoadic Tradition - Derik Richards
  • Knowledge and Conversation of The HGA: One Thelemites Perspective - Kevin Abblett
  • Holy Guardian Angel(s)? - Conjureman Ali
  • Holy Guardian Angels, Helpful Spirits and The Genius - MC
  • 2 Years Later - The HGA Revisited - MC
And more. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

48 Hour Discounted Offerings On All Talismans And Items To Benefit Rescue Animals

For anyone who might have been on the fence, or contemplating ordering any of the many high quality magickal items I recently introduced, you'll find the next 48 hours an opportune time to do so, as well as one that allows you to help a worthwhile cause. All items are being discounted at a rate of 30-50%, with profits from each sale being donated to a local animal shelter in Western Massachusetts, to help fund their spay/ neuter and rehome efforts for rescued dogs. 

This discount applies to all items and services I provide, with the exception of the handmade Table of Practice, as I am unable to do more than a couple of those in a month. 

Included are all of the items displayed at right, as well as those to be found on my website, here

  • Items priced at $75 or less will be discounted by 30%
  • Items priced between $76 and 150 will be discounted at 35%
  • Items, or a combination of items priced at $200 or above, will be discounted at 50%
See the website for prices and catalog, and email me using the contact link above and at left or here  to inquire or order.

Some of the items offered include:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gateways Through Stone And Circle

You've heard about it in my previous posts here. You've read my pre-release reviews of it. You've seen RO's recent post suggesting it. Now go get it. Seriously. If you are a magus of the Grimoire tradition, or of any tradition wherein evocation is key, get this book. I had the pleasure of reading its first draft as well as the final product, and I can unhesitatingly say this is the biggest Grimoiric release of the year. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Forget Not Mercury, Son of Jove

While I am quite certain the vast majority of this blogs' readers will, either having remembered on their own or been reminded elsewhere, be remembering today, May 15th, as Mercuralia, I thought I would take a moment to encourage any who may not have decided to do so to take advantage of this auspicious occasion to honor Mercury and Hermes. 

From Ovid

Illustrious grandson of Atlas, be with me, you whom one of the 
Pleiades once bore to Iuppiter in the mountains of Arcadia.
Umpire of war and peace for the gods above and below,
you who make your way on winged feet,
delighted by the lyre’s strum and the sweat of the wrestling ring,
you tutored tongues to talk with style,
for you the senators founded a temple facing the Circus,
so today – the Ides – is a holiday for you.
Everyone whose line is selling merchandise offers incense 
to you and asks you for profits in return.
Close by the Capena Gate is Mercurius’ spring.  It pays
to believe those who’ve tried it: it works.
Look – here comes a merchant with his clean sleeves rolled up to draw water
in a fumigated pitcher to take along with him.
With this he wets a laurel spray, with the laurel he sprinkles
all the stuff that’s going to have new owners.
He even sprinkles his hair with the dripping laurel, and presents
his prayer in a voice that’s used to fraud:
“Wash away the duplicities of times gone by,” he says,
“wash away the deceits of the day gone by.
Whether I invoked you or took in vain the name of Iuppiter
when I knew he wouldn’t be listening,
or intentionally defrauded any other god or goddess, let the wind
make swiftly off with the shameless things I’ve said.
Let me resort to duplicities on the day to come,
and let the gods disregard whatever I say.
Just give me profits, give me joy in profit taken,
and make it pay to have swindled the buyer.”

Monday, May 13, 2013

Items And Talismans Available On

     Many new talismans and other items of materia magica have been added to the website, for those looking for the highest quality, superbly crafted tools to enhance and expand their practice. All of the below are available immediately. For the two buyers who have, in the past, experienced shipping delays when ordering from me due to each piece being made to order, this has been resolved with the implementation of these new, professionally designed models. 

           Please note, for those on a budget, I am always willing to work with you on payment plans or deferred payment when necessary, as I am all too aware that at time those seeking the aid of Talismans are doing so specifically because their finances are in need of a boost! 

Contact me using the link above and at left to order

Here is the sentence which forbids you to be rebellious to our wills,
and which orders you to return to your dwelling places. May peace
be between You and Us, and be ready to return each ti me that I call
you, to do my will.
The Pentacle for use with The Black Dragon, when carrying out the operations of Evocation. Crafted with strict attention to detail as per the design in Crossed Key
In strong black plastic as shown above, $75.
In Steel or Brass – $100
In Silver, $150
Gold Plated, $150

Offered here is an exceptionally powerful item – The Ring of Solomon, as per the traditional Arabic design, for those whose path to Solomonic Magic is that of the Sages of Ruhaniya. Bearing the words Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, or “In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful”, which you will no doubt recognize immediately as the first words of many of the Arabic invocations and conjurations of Al Buni and countless others, this ring serves as the authority under which the sage commands Djinn. Consecrated and shipped in a silk pouch.
Available, Including Worldwide Shipping, $125

I am proud to introduce and offer the very first Talisman of Abrasax available in modern time, designed after the traditional Coptic/ Graeco-Egyptian antiquities as found in the PGM and my modern Grimoire, The Book of Abrasax.
Due to the heavy demand for the Abrasax Talismans I previously offered in handmade, wooden form, I have contracted with a talented designer to create these for me, so that I can offer them at reasonable rates. The Talismans are molded from heavy plastics, and can be created in Yellow, Blue, Black, White or Red, depending on the aspect of the God and area of influence you seek to tap. As always, the talismans will be given a four fold consecration including evocation of the God Abrasax.
Offered for $60

Another variation of The Ring of Solomon, this time drawn from the works of the Arabic Sages in the age of Al Buni - a band bearing the seven planetary seals


As promised - talismans designed after the circles for use in evocation from the Black Dragon, as per Crossed Keys. For those who would use the Black Dragon's initiatory system of magickal evocation in the modified form I presented in the work and in subsequent writings, I have created lamens after the seals for Lucifer, Frimost and the whole of the spirits contained in this Grimoire. 

In black, each of the seven costs $65 each. For those seeking a premium Silver, Brass or Gold version, these can be had by contacting me directly. 

 As above, but crafted in heavy, premium brass

Offered here is an exceptionally powerful item – The Ring of Solomon, as per the traditional Arabic design, for those whose path to Solomonic Magic is that of the Sages of Ruhaniya. Bearing the words Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, or “In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful”, which you will no doubt recognize immediately as the first words of many of the Arabic invocations and conjurations of Al Buni and countless others, this ring serves as the authority under which the sage commands Djinn. Consecrated and shipped in a silk pouch.
Available, Including Worldwide Shipping, $160

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Alive...





Luminary Edition

A  Period Fine Binding for discerning collectors.

Nephilim Press and MC are proud to announce the opening of preorders for the much anticipated "Luminary Edition" of Mike's latest work, The Book of Abrasax.  The Luminary edition, a masterpiece produced by one of the occult publishing community's most talented and sought after binders, using the finest of materials selected by the God Abrasax during a ceremonial evocation by MC's magickal fraternity. Each copy will be hand numbered, and signed by way of a tipped in bookplate bearing the image of the God. Buyers may, at their discretion, ask that the bookplate be inscribed specifically to themselves for a greater degree of personalization.

Accompanying each copy of the Luminary Edition will be a professionally designed and crafted Abrasax Talisman of the highest quality, which will not be available for sale elsewhere, but only as a companion to this book. Talismans will be consecrated by the author prior to shipment.

Fine Binding

The Luminary Edition will be quarter bound in goatskin and papyrus by James Banner of Trident books. James has produced a number of titles in this style and they are truly beautiful.
To Secure A Copy
The price of the Luminary Edition is $350 plus shipping. If you would like to secure a copy of the Luminary Edition please send an email with your mailing address to We will then send you payment instructions and a grand total for your order.
Copyright © 2013 Nephilim Press|, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Friday, May 3, 2013

By Popular Demand, A Fine Edition of The Book of Abrasax!

     Following the launch of my latest work, The Book of Abrasax in both standard and practitioners' leather editions, Nephilim Press and I have each received incredibly positive feedback from readers the world around. From right here in my own back yard to as distant a location as South Korea, folks have expressed a great deal of appreciation for the work, and enthusiasm to begin the journey that is practical PGM and Coptic Egyptian Magick. 

     However diverse the nature of the compliments and feedback we've received, there has been one constant source of puzzlement, and that is why did we not offer one of the beautifully hand bound and exclusive editions that have become standard in today's occult publishing game alongside our inexpensive alternatives. The answer to that, and to why I didnt go to greater lengths to adorn the editions we did release with marbled endpapers, ribbons and further such deco, is that  I wanted the work to be judged on its merits, and based on its content, not the wrapping. If the book was to succeed, I wanted it to be wholly because it is a valuable work, not because it came in a visually appealing package. For that reason, Nephilim and I kept it as basic as possible, while still being aesthetically pleasing. 

     Now, The Book of Abrasax having succeeded well beyond our hopes and achieved the degree of regard that it has, and having done so as I intended, solely on its merits and the value of the wisdom within, we are ready to introduce the fine edition. 

     The Magus Edition of The Book of Abrasax will be published in a strictly limited, single run printing and will manifest the work in a form worthy of the God Abrasax and a credit to him. 

Stay tuned here and to Nephilim's Subscriber List for edition details and pre-order.