Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wanted - New Students For Global Apprenticeship Program

A couple of months back I began taking on students for an apprenticeship course which I had planned and begun in a Beta testing stage, allowing me to begin teaching deserving, earnest and worthy aspirants while designing the structure of the course.

As the program has now been fully developed,  the bugs worked out and the first batch of students are already beginning to experience growth and success, I am ready to open the doors to another 6 apprentices.

This second group will have the benefit of coming in now, after the trial run wherein the difficulties were worked out and my teaching methods were perfected, and will therefore be able to begin immediately with no "growing  pains"

Those coming aboard will have an introductory skype meeting immediately, including a tarot reading to discern if there are any obstacles to your participation and success. (For each new student I do a rite to remove all hindrances and obstacles that would impede them). Following the reading is a brief interview, and subsequently your first written lesson and a rite to be performed daily. Skype meetings are helf on Weds and Fridays and any & all students having studied the previous lessons or experienced anything of note they'd like to discuss, or for which they need instruction are able to meet with me on those days anytime between 9 and 4, or outside those hours by appointment.

This course is Alpha to Omega, inclusive of all the basics and taking you through every field of Magick with which I am proficient, and culminating in VERITABLE Evocation.  The first group has thus far walked this path:

Lesson 1 - Meditation for Ceremonial Magick

Lesson 2 - Lucid Dreaming and Magick Therein

*Homework - identify 3 entities you'd like to work with, describe the reasons why, any difficulties you foresee and benefits you'd expect. 

Lesson 3 - Astral Separation

*Invocation of Isis for her blessings in this pursuit

Lesson 4 - Techniques For Achieving Astral Travel "At Will"

*Calling of the Sevenths introduced to daily routine

Lesson 5 - Evocation in Theory

Lesson 6 - Intro to Planetary Magick

*Apprentices use divination to select a planet, formulate a rite based on my instructions, I review and ALL willing students perform, including myself.

Those who are interested in this program and the unique educational opportunity it presents, please email me using the contact me link above. This is unfortunately not a free course, however any of the students can attest that the tuition will fit any budget

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