Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Holy Guardian Angel Proves True To His Nature

     Although the anthology you've all been waiting for, the title of which has become "The Holy Guardian Angel", by the way, as opposed to "Walking With The Angel" as it was originally billed, presents a plethora of widely varying views and insights on this most enigmatic of entities from a number of traditions, one common denominator is held throughout most of the essays. The commonly shared experience may of us speak of is that the Holy Guardian Angel is, by nature, elusive, and obstacles tend to be thrown in the path of those who would pursue him. 

     This has proven true not only for those seeking union with this venerable and most powerful entity, but also, apparently, for those who have already found him and seek to share their mutual experiences. 

     Last Wednesday, 500 copies of the book were delivered to Nephilim Press HQ. The book looks as unique and beautiful as the Angel of which it speaks. However, upon unboxing these volumes, Frank at Nephilim discovered an abnormality. Much to our dismay, the bindery had in some way erred, and, as beautiful as the books are, the covers on each and every copy were warped to such and extent that, laid flat, the cover has an upward bend of about 3/4 of an inch. 

     Lest ye naysayers and skeptics think this is a ploy to build hype and interest in the book as many assumed when previous volumes were delayed, the above picture serves to illustrate the defect preventing this book from reaching those of you who have waited so long already. 

     Despite this setback, we are pleased to offer you all the first look at, and behind the veil of this book, by way of the following images. We are currently awaiting an ETA for the completion of the corrected, unbent and unwarped copies of The Holy Guardian Angel, and expect the delay in release to be less than a month.