Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Zeus In Need of a New Home

     With the move to my new home having provided significant additional altar space and the opportunity to upgrade my statuary. With a beautiful new marble statue of Zeus on his shelf in my temple, the idol shown below which has adorned my altar since 2011 is now in need of a good home. It is a hefty piece, a replica of the statue of Zeus in the collection of the National Archaeological Museum, in a bronze/ resin. 16" in height, quite solid.

     I picked this up a few years back while visiting the Parthenon. (The full scale replica of the Parthenon found in Nashville, TN. that is).

     $75 brings this piece to your door, as long as you're in the U.S. Otherwise email me to figure out international shipping costs. Interested parties, email me using the contact link above and at left.