Thursday, April 9, 2015

Discounted HGA Seconds - NEW Email Address For Inquiries

I  have been asked to post and inform all who are responding to Jason's post regarding the discounted/ damaged copies of The Holy Guardian Angel (Found Here) that the email address Jason provided in his post (Nephilim2nds (at) is no longer valid.

Jason's overwhelming popularity broke it. Well, kinda. That email address was created yesterday specifically to handle the sale of these scratch & dent books, and once Jason posted it online several dozen emails came in at once. So between the incoming emails and outgoing replies, Yahoo's anti-spam filter said "Whooooa, kill this account!"

Those who sent emails prior to 10am Eastern time will have received replies already including instructions for sending payment, HOWEVER after 10am access to that account has been restricted, so please begin using nephilimseconds(at)  or just

Click Here

*Update - Herman has informed me that he had replied to ALL emails that were in the inbox up until the account was blocked, so if you received an email with payment insftructions you can go right ahead and use whatever instructions were provided in the email. If you sent an email and have not received a reply, you need to write to the new email address or he wont see it

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