Thursday, November 17, 2016

Forthcoming Title, A Collaboration With Cat Work

Greetings, friends, fraters, readers and haters! Having spent the better part of the last year in relative isolation awaiting the birth of my first child, undergoing an initiation and focusing on the growth and development of a brotherhood to whom I belong, I now surface with news of interest to all. 

First, this winter will see the release of a new book; a collaboration with my sister and partner Cat Work, of, and the first release in my previously announced series The Castillian Grimoires of Alfonso X. This volume includes a direct translation of a previously unpublished manuscript that fits perfectly into the category of "Books of Secrets", and deals largely with magics of seduction, love, lust and romance (while still including token rites of evocation and the usual prosperity, protection etc.)  The manuscript, however valuable on its own, would be of little use to the novice if presented as a standalone volume.  Therefore, in keeping with my commitment to making the magic of our predecessors both accessible and practical today, I enlisted the most innovative, skilled and talented mind in the field of rootwork, hoodoo and natural magic, Cat Work as a collaborator. Alongside the direct translation Cat has provided both modernized versions of the rites contained therein (Much as I did in Abrasax) and a complete course/Grimoire in the form of Magic used throughout the work, as taught to her own students. 

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