Monday, May 29, 2017

First Feedback For Pactum: La Obra Magistral de la Hechicería Antigua

Before I touch on and share the feedback I have been receiving from the first recipients of this work, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported it and all of you who were among the first to order copies. 

It is because of you, friends, that I have the distinct honor to report that this book has set a new record at Nephilim Press by being the first and only Nephilim title to recover 100% of the production costs on the day of release! Given that Nephilim produces the most important and innovative books in the field and is the home to authors such as Humberto Maggi, Rufus Opus and Ashen Chassan, this is a HUGE honor, and the rapidity with which it is selling is humbling to myself and my co-author, Cat. 

500 copies were made for this initial print run, so if you'd like to get your hands on a copy before it sells out in the next couple of weeks, head on over to Nephilim Press

In the next week we will see some reviews from among the most respected practitioners and teachers in the field, but in the meanwhile I'd like to share excerpts from the emails and feedback received in the days since the first buyers began receiving their copies. 

The Masterpiece of Ancient Sorcery,  Pactum, is a perfect example of what happens when experts in the fields of ceremonial magick and rootwork put aside the silly ass "whose tradition is better" nonsense and focus on what can we do together. I love MC's work, from Crossed Keys to Abrasax, he always brings the best, but with my time and space constraints I can't really go full on evocation and ceremonial magic, so to have his level of expertise combined with Cat's usual practicality and emphasis on"keeping it simple, stupid" this book has opened new worlds to me

I am very happily surprised - until now the only notion I had of any manuscript called Pactum was a cheap copy I found online in which I was definitely not impressed. This work shares nothing with that version except a title, and proves how many venerable Grimoires over the years get beat down, bowdlerized and ripped off until they are no longer recognizable when judged next to the original. MC's Pactum is jam packed with practical spells and rites for everything from revenge to protection and even the ever present getting laid, and best of all, so far anyway, it WORKS!

Reviewer requested anonymity

Dude you fucking ROCK. In one binding I have a seriously great manuscript brought together by the best in the game, AND a whole course and education in hoodoo love/sex magic and rootwork by Cat! (The Original Ninja Cat I mean, not that crazy bitch)

Fr. Malach-El

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